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How much do PRO gutter guards really cost to install?

How much do Gutter Guards Really Cost to Install?

gutter guards really cost

According to the average home has roughly 200 feet of rain gutters. These need frequent cleanings throughout the year, with an average of three cleanings minimum. The standard cost for a professional to clean them is around $50-$75 per cleaning, which can climb to $225 per year. This sparks the question, how much do pro gutter guards really cost?

The average DIY home or property owner can easily install gutter guards and also tackle the annual cleanings quite a bit easier too. For the purpose of this discussion we will look at the price and requirements to install gutter guards in 200 feet of pre-existing gutters.

Cost breakout for home pro much gutter guards really cost to install

For the gutter guard installation, the typical costs include:

  • Materials – costs on gutter guards of all kinds range quite widely with some being as little as $3 for a three
  • foot section and some climbing as high as $9 to $20 per foot. The variations are due to the materials and efficiency of the particular system. New designs appear quite often, and as time passes the designs have begun to work better and better. It will take a bit of comparison shopping and exploration to see which are currently considered the best. Regardless of which system is selected, it will require the basic materials and the time to install. Costs for complete cover systems will range from $200 to a hefty $3600!;
  • Labor – if a homeowner decides to have the job done by a professional, they will need to also consider the pricing of this part of the work. A good carpenter or “handyman” can easily tackle a gutter guard installation in a very short period of time and according to this should take roughly 6 hours and come at a cost of roughly $255 in labor; and
  • Gutter Companythere are also gutter guard companies that specialize in their own custom designs and systems. The costs for such installations can be exorbitant with prices starting $6 a linear foot. The average cost for a full installation tends to be around $1500 (according to

Enhancement and improvement costs that factor in on how much gutter guards really cost to install

  • Cleaning – it is important to note that there are no gutter guard systems that can eliminate the need for gutter cleanings. Though most will be able to easily prevent larger debris and leaves from clogging the gutters, the smaller particulates will always accumulate. This means that at least once a year the homeowner (or their handyman – for $75) can run a hose through the top of the gutter to rinse out any accumulations of debris;
  • Downspout Screens – in addition to using gutter guards, the homeowner may want to inquire about a downspout screen. This redirects any floating debris away from the downspout opening and allows water to head into the drain immediately; and
  • Heat Tape – there are many heating elements that are impervious to the effects of water and they can help to prevent ice from developing on top of, or inside a gutter, and while the installation of gutter guards is occurring it is a good idea to consider installing heating elements wherever ice tends to be a problem.

If you have more question regarding how much pro gutter guard really cost OR your want to speak with a local contractor, if out the form to the left. They can certain help you understand how much gutter guards really cost to install

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Gutterglove Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Gutterglove Micro Mesh Gutter Guards:

Gutterglove IceBreaker Gutter Guards


Gutterglove’s micro mesh guards have become the highest rate gutter guard in the United States!

Gutterglove Micro Mesh Gutter guards are a highly advanced gutter protection system that offer many functions. Their design eliminates gutter cleaning forever, keeps leaves, pine needles, sand, and seed pods out of your gutters, and is the strongest gutter guard on the market today.

This gutter guard will filter out all debris from your gutter, eliminating gutter cleaning forever.

Gutterglove also offers an awesome heated cable gutter cover option as well, it’s called Icebreaker!

This heated system will melt all ice in and on your gutter, even in sub-zero temperatures. It helps prevent horrible ice damns and snow from freezing on the walkways around the home.

Gutterglove Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

It has an extruded aluminum frame that is anodized to protect it from the environment and to make it able to be installed on copper gutters. The anodizing process the gutter guard extremely hard, durable, corrosion resistant, and with a long-lasting aluminum oxide finish.

The inventor of Gutterglove, Robert Lenney, is a smart and innovative man. I’ve known him personally for some years and have had the pleasure of working with him on a few projects. Robert Lenney cleaned millions of gutters during his career, but grew increasingly disappointed with the poor performance of the current gutter guards in the industry. So, he decided to improve upon existing technology by creating a significantly better system that proved to be tremendously durable and would outlast and outperform all competitors by a wide margin. Today, his patented design for the Gutterglove micro mesh gutter guards is so advanced and efficient that it blows away the competition. Within the last 10 years, micro mesh has exploded in growth and popularity and Gutterglove micro mesh gutter guards is leader in it’s industry.

It’s truly a wonderfully built micro mesh gutter guard!

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Why Guard your Gutters

Why Guard Your Gutters?

10 Reasons to Guard Your Gutters:

There’s a reason why people procrastinate on cleaning their gutters. It’s dangerous. No one likes hauling the ladder around or twisting their back to get at hard-to-reach spots. However, ignoring the chore can do long-term damage to your roof, basement, foundation, fascia, and even the interior of your home. You should be asking, why guard your gutters. Gutter protection is a permanent solution to these problems. A gutter cover system is a guard that installs over your existing gutters and is customized to fit to your roof without screws. So, why guard your gutters, it prevents leaves, dirt, and debris from entering your gutter system so that water flows properly away from your home.

(1) Ladders are Dangerous

Why Guard Your Gutters - Man on High Ladder

Every year, hundreds of people fall from ladders while cleaning their gutters. Serious injuries, such as broken bones and head trauma, are the result. Gutter protection keeps you from climbing that dangerous ladder in the first place.

(2) No More Leaves and Debris in Your Gutters

When your gutters are clogged with leaves, they can actually do more damage than not having gutters at all. With a gutter protection system, the principles of gravity and surface tension cause leaves and debris to drift to the ground. Rainwater clings to the nose of the gutter guard and flows freely into your gutter and downspouts. This alone can be the answer to, why guard your gutters.

(3) Prevents Frozen Gutters

During cold weather the water in clogged gutters freezes into heavy beams of ice. Gutters are often damaged because they are not built to sustain that much weight. Also, during the day, the ice begins to melt, thus soaking the fascia. At night, the water refreezes and pushes the fascia outward. Heated Gutter protection keeps water flowing away from the house and prevents ice from forming in the first place. If you live where is snow, you  should never be asking, why guard your guards?

(4) Stops Wood from Rotting

Standing water is your home’s worst enemy. If your gutters do not function properly because they are frozen or full of debris, your soffit and fascia boards will absorb rainwater and start to rot. This is horrible situation and a great answer to, why guard your gutters.

(5) Avoid the Liability of Hired Help

Cleaning gutters on a ladder is dangerous. Hiring someone to do the job may make you liable for any injuries they receive. That’s just one more thing to worry about.

(6) Keep Your Landscaping Beautiful

Clogged and saturated gutters threaten your landscaping. Rain has nowhere to flow except off of the roof and onto plant life below. An uncontrolled flow of water will drown plants, erode soil, and create more hassles for you.

(7) Pest Control

Why Guard your Gutters - Squirrel Pest in Gutter

Clogged gutters are generally damp, dark places filled with leaves and debris. Just the sort of place insect’s love. A gutter protection system keeps gutters clean and will prevent insect infestation. Why guard your gutter? Keep these little guy from do repairs every month.

(8) Protect Your Foundations

The stability of your house depends on the ability of the soil to absorb rain. Builders constructed your home to stand up to soil conditions assuming that drainage systems carry water away from the home. When gutters fail, water moves toward the foundation. When soil becomes saturated, leaks can occur, and cause the foundation to shift or crack.

(9) Prevent Mold and Mildew in Attics and Crawl Spaces

Attics and crawl spaces are just like your gutters. They are awkward to clean or work on. Keep water away from these places and you won’t have to worry about fixing what years of mold and mildew have damaged. Gutter guards keep your gutters from clogging and then overflowing, causing water to rot your walls! Most have probably even asked, why guard your gutter.

(10) One Less Thing to Worry About

Peace of mind. Everybody wants it, but life is filled with things to worry about. So, you never have to ask, why guard yours again. Gutter protection is a guaranteed way to stop stressing about your house and start enjoying your home.

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Locate A Dealer

Locate a Dealer

Are you tired of cleaning your gutters, repairing your roof, or falling of your ladder EVERY YEAR?  We work with gutter and roofing companies and contractors nationwide. If you are experiencing any of the above or worse, locate a dealer for a free gutter guard estimate.

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Types of Gutter Guards

Micro Mesh Filter Gutter Guards:

Types Gutter Guards - Gutterglove

Micro Mesh is one of many types of gutter guards first appeared in 2005.

A micro mesh gutter protection consists of two parts:

– An ultra-thin (typically surgical steel) mesh

– A frame that pulls water through the mesh and into the gutters.

Micro mesh systems create a completely sealed system. The openings in the micro mesh are thin enough to keep out items as small as a grain of sand. As water flows off of your roof it is pulled into the micro mesh screen. Shingle grit, dirt, leaves…every type of possible debris either falls off the edge of the gutter or accumulates until a wind comes blowing.

The use of surgical grade steel (recommended) ensures that no organic material will grow on, or adhere to the surface. These types of gutter guards are growing FAST and installing on your existing gutters.

Gutterglove micro mesh gutter guards are the highest rated gutter guard, per the leading consumer review magazines.

Reverse Curve Complete Gutter Cover systems:

Types of Gutter Guards - Gutter Helmet

The reverse curve types of gutter guards use technology that dates back over one hundred years. Among the most popular brands and types of gutter guards are Gutter Topper, Gutter Helmet, and Leaf Guard. Surface tension guides water into the gutter. The debris from trees and roof shingles fall off with the water.

They rely on the “adhesion qualities” of water to “stick” to a gutter cover while making a 180 degree turn into the gutter through a horizontal slit at or near the face of the gutter.

These types of gutter guards are among the most popular and highest rated gutter guards, with the first being patented in 1908.

Screen Leaf Protection:

Types of Gutter Guards - Screen Guards
Among of popular type of gutter guards is the gutter screen.  Screening has been around for a long time and there are many types of gutter screens available for all types of homes. Plastic gutter screens and metal gutter screens are the two most common materials used for screening.

Gutter screen systems are often the least expensive and easiest to install of all the gutter guards, but – depending on their mesh size – may still allow some seeds and buds to get into your gutter.

There are many metal screens to choose from including – hinged gutter screens for half round gutters (also available in copper, durable steel gutter screens for areas in snow country, and the contractor favorite, drop in screens for standard K Style Gutters.

EZ- Gutter Guard Protection has been keep debris out of gutters since 1983. They are a great example of a great gutter screen. They have 5 options to choose from and offer a free gutter guard estimate!

These are just 3 of the most popular types of gutter guards. Please visit for addition updates and special on a regular basis

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