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Rhino Gutter Guard Review

Rhino™ product is simply the best. It has a back bend that attaches directly to the fascia. It also offers a front drip edge that screws directly into the gutter lip which creates box like strength to the entire system. Gutters are inherently weak by nature, but the RHINO will yield the strongest gutter system in the world.

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Materials Used

It utilizes stainless steel micro-mesh technology over a sturdy aluminum substrate to prevent all debris from ever entering the gutter. It also incorporates a textured “RHINO skin” to prevent debris from sticking to it. This product utilizes a .024" aluminum body and lip that is mechanically fastened over the mesh laminate, creating an exponentially stronger product, in both compression and tension. The embossed texture feature deters debris from "sticking" to the product by minimizing surface contact area, thus augmenting the debris shedding.


Rhino Gutter Guard is a highly effective gutter guard made from top quality materials. Our customers love this product! Not only does it keep debris out of the gutters but it is also made in America! We at Imperial love this product because it is a pleasure to install. The customer service at Rhino is top-notch;

- Maria Quick

I have been pleasantly surprised by how well the Rhino Guard has more or less sold itself to my customers simply upon their visual inspection of it. While my customers like the idea that nothing can get through the fine mesh, I like the fact that the meshwork readily sheds debris on its own better than other gutter screen designs.

--Jon Cable


Gutter Protection

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