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Gutter Endcaps

A gutter end cap is the fitting that attaches to and closes off the end of the gutter. There are different endcaps that fit a wide variety of gutters. The materials used for endcaps can range from aluminum, copper, steel, to PVC.

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Are Endcaps Important?

End caps are not only important, they are crucial. Not installing an end cap on your gutter protection would be akin to not installing an end cap on your gutters.

End caps are the pieces at the end of the gutter which encapsulate the gutter trough keeping the water from spilling out the ends. Both gutter and gutter protection end caps are important as they keep out any animals from entering the gutters and building nests, which would most certainly lead to your gutters becoming clogged.

An additional important factor to consider is whether the end caps fit securely without any openings. Even the smallest opening can be a doorway for animals to build their home in your gutters.

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