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Types of Gutter Protection
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Micro Filter Gutter Protection Systems:

Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

Micro-mesh gutter protection systems like GutterGlove, Mastershield, and LeafFilter are a gutter guard system with stainless steel micro filters that promote self-cleaning, and keep the interior of your gutter maintenance free.  The closed system design makes it impossible for debris to enter. Additionally, the micro-mesh filter keeps pests out of your gutter. Typically, they are pitched with your roof line, which allows debris to shed easily, and they are generally backed with a NO-CLOG warranty.

Reverse Curve Protection System:

Reverse Curve Gutter Guard

The reverse curve technology dates back over one hundred years. The most popular brands for these are Gutter Topper, Gutter Helmet, and Leaf Guard. Surface tension guides water into the gutter. The debris from trees and roof shingles fall off with the water. Reverse curve gutter protection systems are among the most popular and highest rated gutter guards, with the first being patented in 1908.

They rely on the “adhesion qualities” of water to “stick” to a gutter cover while making a 180 degree turn into the gutter through a horizontal slit at or near the face of the gutter.

In the gutter systems:

Foam Gutter Guard

These types of gutter protection are products that are laid in the gutter and are supposed to work as a sort of filter. The most popular brand for these are Flo-Free and Leaf Defier. They are made out of several types of material including a foam type product, nylon, plastic or even a big brush that lays in the gutter. They are generally inexpensive and popular with the “Do It Yourself” crowd because of the ease of installation. They also have a low profile so they won’t detract from your home’s curb appeal. However, they don’t add any stability to your gutter system and may require periodic cleaning; otherwise, mold can buildup over time. And let’s compare the brush in the gutter with a woman’s hair brush. Over time, it needs to be cleaned as the hair becomes entangled in the bristles. Leaves and debris can get caught in the bristles and will need to be removed. Some of the products can become hard and brittle over prolonged exposure to the elements and will need to be replaced within 3 to 5 years. And to be honest, you really can’t call them gutter protection because they actually do not protect your gutters.

Gutter Protection

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